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Software Evaluation Checklist – Requirements For Evaluating IT Project

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Evaluating an IT project is an essential step in the project management process. It allows you to determine whether the project has met its objectives and assess its overall success. A software evaluation checklist can help ensure that all relevant factors are considered when evaluating an IT project.

Here are some key requirements to consider when evaluating an IT project:


The first step in evaluating an IT project is to determine whether it has met its objectives. This includes assessing whether the project has delivered on the expected outcomes and benefits, such as increased efficiency or cost savings.


Another key factor to consider when evaluating an IT project is its performance. This includes evaluating the quality of the software, its reliability, and its usability.


It is also important to consider the cost of the IT project, including any upfront costs, ongoing maintenance costs, and the return on investment.

Stakeholder feedback

Gathering feedback from stakeholders, including users, customers, and team members, can provide valuable insights into the success of the IT project.

Risks and challenges

Evaluating the risks and challenges encountered during the IT project can help identify areas for improvement and prevent similar issues from occurring in future projects.

Lessons learned

Reflecting on the lessons learned during the IT project can help identify best practices and optimize future projects.

By considering these key requirements, you can effectively evaluate the success of an IT project and identify areas for improvement. This will help ensure that future IT projects are more successful and deliver maximum value to the organization.

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