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Techyor offers the finest front-end and back-end website maintenance services. It's one thing to create a website for your company. However, maintaining that website on a regular basis is another important job that must be completed on a regular basis. Every website must be updated on a regular basis in order to keep up with Google's changing algorithms and new trends. To obtain the greatest target audience, it's essential to manage all technological aspects of the website's backend. Our specialists at Techyor provide a wide range of website maintenance services, including content updates, design, page additions, deal link removal, CSS modifications, and more. By providing the highest quality work to our customers, our website maintenance services guarantee the success of their online company.

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Our range of services suit everyone, from small and medium business to big corporates

Web Development

Techyor is a well-known website development software business and digital marketing agency all over the world. We provide our clients with high-quality mobile app and website design and development services that benefit all types of businesses.

CMS Implementation

A content management system implementation allows you and your team to use a centralised platform to produce, manage, and share all relevant material. It helps you manage information in different languages and gives you control over who generates what. This ensures that the business procedures carried out within your firm are consistent.

Internet Marketing & SEO

Just having a website is not sufficient to increase the success rate of your business. You also need to optimize your website properly to get the best rank in the google search engine. People will engage with your website more when they look at it on the first page of Google and vice versa.

E-Commerce Solutions

Techyor offers e-commerce services for designing, developing, hosting, analytics and marketing across all global areas. Ecommerce solutions ensure the best sales and traffic at your website. Under this segment our team working in two ways: Front End and Backend.

Website Maintenance

Techyor provides top rate of website maintenance and site security services across the global area to improve the website ranking and increase business sales. Our team is well expertise in their domain which provides you 24X7 brilliant satisfactory services of website maintenance.

Mobile App Development

We have delivered 300+ mobile apps to till date globally which includes hybrid, flutter, android, iOS banking solutions that were highly liked by our clients. We are working on the latest advanced technology projects of mobile app development and happily welcomed services like Smart Tvs, Wearables, m-commerce, image recognition, virtual reality etc.

Why Is Website Maintenance Important?

Build Brand Reputation

How about if a person comes to your website but due to slow speed and other website errors he lost his interest, trust from your product or services. It directly makes a negative impact on your brand reputation. So, proper updating of the website is very important.

Improved Website Security

Content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla are used to create a large number of websites. Despite the fact that CMS frequently offers plugin updates and updated versions. If your versions aren't up to date, your website may be hacked at any moment. You can ensure that your WordPress website is always safe by keeping its maintenance up to date.

Improved Traffic Rate

Google has always prioritised providing accurate and timely information to its users. As a consequence, it prefers to provide consumers with websites that are frequently updated and safe, resulting in a better rating. When your website gets a better ranking, your content becomes more visible to customers looking for relevant keywords. In the end, you'll have more conversions.

What We Include in Techyor’s Web Maintenance Services

Techyor is a well-known brand in the field of digital marketing and website development. To far, we've created a number of websites and provided web maintenance services for them. The services listed below are available from us.

Keeping Website Backups

On a weekly or six-monthly basis, we maintain a record of the website database backups.

Check Site Speed

This is a critical job that any website should keep track of from time to time. Use Yahoo's YSlow or Google PageSpeed Insight to discover the problems that are slowing down your website. Web maintenance should be done on a regular basis.

Updating Software

The key motivation for website upkeep should be security. Regularly scanning your website for vulnerabilities ensures that it will not be hacked or taken over.

Site Improvement

The performance of your website is heavily influenced by visitor feedback. Questions, comments, complaints, and suggestions from site visitors offer essential input for site improvement. These suggestions may help you enhance the performance of your website when it comes to website maintenance.

Content updation

The search engines like unique and fresh material, which boosts the website's traffic and rating. As a result, review your material on a regular basis, correct any mistakes, and publish fresh information with targeted keywords in a visually attractive manner.

Fix Existing System Bugs

A software bug is a kind of mistake in a computer programme that causes it to malfunction and provide incorrect results. Debugging refers to the process of repairing or locating problems.

Updating Images & website Banners

When the customer requests it, Techyor may update pictures of freshly released goods and website banners on a regular basis.

Troubleshooting Issues

Troubleshooting is the process of detecting the mistake and other causes of a malfunctioning system in order to correct lost productivity and other compliance issues.